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TLR for literacy/ Year 1/2 Class Teacher

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    Mainscale teacher (M1 – 6 plus TLR 2)  (£25,714 - £36, 961 plus £2,873)
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Alderman Payne Primary School


Job Description for Literacy Subject Lead (TLR2)


Post: Literacy subject lead and class teacher

Permanent, full time  


School: Alderman Payne Primary School


Responsible to: Head Teacher


Salary: Mainscale teacher (M1 – 6 plus TLR 2)  (£25,714 – £36, 961 plus £2,873)




This job description should be read in conjunction with the current School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document and the provisions of that document will apply to the post holder.


The performance of all the duties and responsibilities shown below will be under the reasonable direction of the Headteacher; and the Headteacher, or other Senior Manager if appropriate, will be mindful of his/her duty to ensure that the employee has a reasonable workload and sufficient support to carry out the duties of the post.


This job description will be reviewed at least annually and any changes will be subject to consultation.


General Duties


This teaching and learning responsibility payment (TLR2) is awarded to a classroom teacher for undertaking additional responsibility in ensuring the continued delivery of high-quality teaching and learning.

The TLR2 post is focused on raising the standards of teaching and learning in literacy; it requires the teacher to lead, manage and develop the quality of teaching and learning and developments in the literacy curriculum.  It is a requirement the post has an impact on the educational progress of all pupils including those with SEN. In addition to this, the post involves leading, developing and enhancing the teaching practice of other staff.


You will be expected to carry out the professional duties of a teacher as outlined in the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document currently in operation, or any subsequent legislation.











Class teacher


Teach pupils in the Year 1 and 2 mixed age class.


Specific Objectives

  1. To teach a class of primary pupils in all areas of the National Curriculum as directed by the Headteacher.


  1. To work from the Leadership Team’s direction to effectively promote a high standard of achievement in all areas of the curriculum.


  1. To participate in the schools reporting and recording systems and to implement new systems under direction when necessary.


  1. Contribute to the school’s pastoral curriculum as part of a class teacher’s duties within the agreed behavioural management policy.


  1. Contribute to the development of a sound school ethos by example and through a team approach.


  1. To liaise with the Leadership team on all areas of the National Curriculum, school policies and school and staff development plans.


  1. To liaise with parents and outside agencies as required, promoting a positive ethos which supports pupils.


  1. To contribute to the school’s equal opportunities policy by word deed and action.


  1. Participate in the Performance Management Scheme as directed by the Headteacher.


  1. To maintain honest and professional conduct at all times.


General Responsibilities

Take appropriate responsibility for one’s own health, safety and welfare and the health and safety of pupils, visitors and work colleagues in accordance with the requirements of legislation and locally-adopted policies; including taking responsibility for raising concerns with an appropriate manager.
















  1. Provide leadership for the direction of literacy throughout the school to ensure that teaching achieves the best possible outcomes for children.


  1. Responsibility for pupils’ progress in literacy across the school, leading and supporting staff with planning, teaching and assessment as required.


Specific Objectives
  1. To liaise closely and effectively with colleagues to develop, plan, implement and monitor effective delivery of the Literacy curriculum throughout the school.  This includes being conversant with current developments, drafting or updating a policy, oversight of planning in collaboration with colleagues to ensure appropriate National Curriculum coverage, continuity and progression, developing an assessment system and advising colleagues on approaches and resources.


  1. Develop an inclusive, school-wide literacy environment appropriate to the diverse developmental needs and interests of children aged between 4 and 11 years.


  1. To support staff to develop a well-resourced and organised literacy environment both indoors and outdoors.


  1. To support staff with the planning and development of writing, ensuring that the curriculum is well balanced and well structured, paying due regard to current research and developments.


  1. To liaise with the phonics lead to ensure progress in reading is seamless.


  1. To analyse children’s attainment looking for trends and patterns which can be used to support future planning.


  1. Lead and support INSET in discussion with the Leadership Team.


  1. To take a lead role in whole school policy making, curriculum and development planning.


  1. In consultation with the headteacher, encourage develop and maintain links within partnership schools, the wider community and local groups.


  1. To ensure the resources for literacy are audited, developed with colleagues, catalogued clearly and organised.


  1. To have clear commitment to inclusion and the equality of opportunity for all children. To make provision for children for whom English is an additional language.


  1. To undertake any reasonable duty as specified by the Head teacher not mentioned in the above.