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Your Role

As a Nursery Assistant at The Red House Day Nursery, you will be part of a close-knit team, both in the room to

which you have been assigned and within the nursery as a whole. You will be responsible to the Team Leader in your

Room who will train and advise you, and in turn they are responsible to the Nursery Manager and Proprietor. Our

staff all work together to create a stimulating, fun, caring environment for the children.


In general, you will work in the same room of the nursery on a permanent basis, allowing for a

good relationship to build up between you and the rest of the team and to provide

continuity for the children and the parents. However in certain circumstances, if staff are

sick or on holiday, you may be required to be flexible and work in other rooms of the nursery.


The management team operate an ‘open door’ policy at The Red House and we actively

encourage all staff to come and discuss any matters of concern with us and we in turn offer

our support at all times.


It is expected you will be familiar with the following:

The 1989 Children’s Act

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Observations, assessment and future planning for children


Our Aims

At The Red House Day Nursery, we aim to provide a setting in which all our children are happy and secure and in which there is an atmosphere of mutual trust. We believe that children fare best in a home from home environment where they know they are valued and respected and that learning is exciting within a richly stimulating environment. We aim to provide a solid educational background, in addition to excellent quality care. We try to provide love, affection and intellectual stimulation at all times to instil a lifelong love of learning and to foster in each child the social skills needed for life.


Your role is to ensure that the day is filled with an equal balance of activity and rest, so you will take care of the children, stimulate them, provide them with affection whilst ensuring their safety at all times. Each child should be treated as an individual, allowed to develop at his or her own pace and given affection to feel safe and secure within the nursery environment. You must have a caring nature, be able to work as part of a close-knit team and be prepared to make a contribution to the nursery as a whole.


Your Duties

The main purpose of a Nursery Assistant’s job is to build up close relationships with the children, giving at all times love and encouragement, to liaise with parents and to work within the team ensuring good communication whilst encouraging a warm and friendly atmosphere in the nursery at all times.


  • To work in full co-operation with the Team Leader in your room and the other members of the team.
  • To assist in the planning and preparation of stimulating activities and experiences to suit the children’s age and stage of development including art and craft activities, setting out an attractive display of toys and equipment at the start of every session and at any time in between. This may also extend to completing Activity Plans, carrying out an activity and evaluating it.
  • To encourage the children’s active participation in all activities on offer within the room, as well as outdoor play activities.
  • Reporting of any information from parents, changes to children’s routine, illness and accidents to the Team Leader.
  • To liaise closely with parents to maintain and encourage a close partnership with parents within the nursery at all times.
  • To keep and maintain relevant Observation Records for children that you keywork, monitoring each child’s individual progress and conducting consultations with parents to give a progress report on their child.
  • To ensure the room is left clean and tidy at the end of each day by participating in a rota for end-of–day chores. We employ a cleaner to hoover rooms, mop floors but all bins must be emptied, sinks cleaned and work surfaces kept clear and dusted.
  • To be responsible for all aspects of health and safety and to adhere to The Health and Safety Policies of the nursery to maintain a safe and secure environment at all times for the children within the nursery.
  • To assist in the preparation of food and drink ensuring good hygienic practises in the room at all times and supervising the children at snack/mealtimes.
  • To ensure that maximum use is made of the equipment, that it is well cared for and that the children are taught to respect it.
  • To maintain equipment and manage resources by advising the management team of stocks that are running low, in time to order new ones.
  • To attend staff meetings out of nursery hours, if necessary.
  • To hold an OFSTED recognised first aid Certificate for child carers.
  • To keep abreast of current issues and attend relevant training courses to continue personal development, if necessary out of nursery hours.
  • To be familiar with all nursery policies in particular The Equal Opportunity, Child Protection and Behavioural Policies (all staff are given a Staff Information Pack to read containing these policies on their first day) and copies are kept in each room of the nursery to be referred to, if necessary.
  • To respect confidentiality within the nursery and to adhere to The Confidentiality Policy at all times.
  • To adhere to the dress code and Jewellery Policy of the nursery.


The benefits of working for The Red House Day Nursery include real opportunities for promotion and advancement to senior level, the opportunity to gain valuable experience working with children aged 3 months to 5 years in a fun environment and the very real advantage of being part of a professional organisation with an excellent reputation.

Recognised qualification:      Level 2 Qualification in Early Years Care and Education e. g. NVQ Level 2/3 Other qualifications or experience with children may be considered

Experience:                           Work placement experience during course training

                                              Previous nursery setting. Nannying. Parenting etc

Hours of work:                       Full time: 7.50am - 6.00pm 4 days per week. One hour Lunch Break

                                              Part time: 0750-1300 or 1200-1800 Either 4 or 5 days per week 20 minute break over 5 hours

Criminal Record Board          Employees must hold a Enhanced CRB check

Uniform:                                 A uniform of t-shirts/polo shirts and fleeces is provided

                                              Staff to provide own navy trousers, skirt or shorts etc

                                               Flat, indoor shoes or slippers to be worn in the nursery. Trainers for outside

Jewellery Policy:                  In the interest of your safety we have a Jewellery Policy in place which we ask all staff to adhere to at all times

Salary Scale:                         Depends on qualification and experience

Holidays:                               16 days paid holiday for full time staff

                                             21 or 16 days paid holiday for part time staff, depending on    5 or 4 day contract

                                             Plus Bank Holidays

                                             Staff must use holidays entitlement when the nursery is closed for the period between Christmas and New Year

Holiday Bonus                      One extra day for three years of continuous service and another extra day for five years of continuous service

Sickness                                All staff members are entitled to a maximum of 7 paid sick days in any one year

Sickness Bonus:                   One half day of holiday can be earned through no sickness for a three month quarterly period

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