The Rackham Church of England Primary School

We aim to inspire all children to see learning as a journey, a route to experiencing enjoyment and fulfilment. We want them to develop a love of learning, to feel passionate about discovering new things and to have real ownership of the outcomes of their learning.

Our school is a place where everyone is included and valued. We believe that every child has a voice and should always be listened to. We are proud that our children enjoy coming to school and that they know their education and care are at the centre of everything they do.

With a focus on excellence, creative thinking and challenge, we nurture and celebrate individual talents and interests, emphasising high expectations and the importance of always trying one’s best in every situation. Our Christian values underpin our approach and provide our children with a clear understanding of how to become lifelong learners – something we are passionate to instil.

Primary education is pivotal for capturing an interest in learning that will continue onto the next stage. We value the need to play and have fun, and we provide a stimulating learning environment that celebrates childhood. We therefore aim to create an atmosphere of enjoyment, where everyone – pupils, staff, parents and friends – feels able to take a risk, try something new and achieve success.