NQT induction FAQ

It is very important that NQTs receive a thorough induction to help them in their first year of teaching. To find out more about the induction in Cambridgeshire, read our frequently asked questions below.


General FAQs

Is there a deadline for completing my induction after I have gained Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)?

No, you can complete your induction at any time.

How long is the induction?

Our induction is the equivalent of 3 terms, which is around 195 working days.

How many terms will I have to complete if I work part time?

It will take a part-time NQT longer to complete proportionate with their contracted hours. To calculate the period of time it will take, divide the total number of days induction required for full time by the percentage the individual is contracted to work. For example: If the NQT is contracted to work 0.6 fte (60%) in a maintained school they would be required to be employed for a period of 325 days to complete induction (195 ÷ 0.6 = 325). If in doubt, please contact us.

Can I complete induction in multiple schools?

Yes. You can complete induction simultaneously in more than one school provided you work in both regularly and one school agrees to take responsibility for the assessment process. You can also complete your induction at multiple schools, one at a time, if you complete a minimum of one term at each and your assessments are up to date.

Who should be the Induction Tutor?

The Induction Tutor should be a teacher with Qualified Teacher Status in the NQT’s school. They may be the headteacher or a teacher who has a specialised understanding of the NQT’s chosen subject or year groups.

Am I eligible for PPA and induction release time?

As an NQT undertaking induction you must only have a 90% timetable, the remaining 10% being used for induction related activities. In addition you should also receive a further 10% of the 90% timetable as guaranteed PPA time.

Do I get official confirmation when I complete my NQT induction?

Yes, the headteacher will receive email confirmation and a letter from Cambridgeshire Appropriate Body. You will then be able to download your induction certificate from the NCTL self-service website.

What can I do if I have any concerns about my induction programme and the support I am receiving in school?

In the first instance, you should talk to your Induction Tutor about your concerns. If there continues to be a problem then you should discuss the position with your headteacher, who has overall responsibility for your induction.

If you still have concerns contact the NQT Named Contact at Cambridgeshire Appropriate Body (Rachel Minett, Rachel.Minett@cambridgeshire.gov.uk, 01223 715313).


Supply teaching FAQs

Can an NQT do supply work before starting induction?

Yes, a qualified teacher, who has not completed an induction period, can undertake some short-term supply work in a relevant school (maintained school, maintained nursery, PRU and non-maintained special school) but this is limited to five years from the date that QTS was awarded.

Can an NQT do induction as a supply teacher?

Yes, as long as it is clear from the outset that it is a long-term supply placement of at least one term or more, induction is available in the school and all parties involved have agreed and been notified that induction is taking place prior to it beginning. Any period of employment as a teacher of at least one school term (in a three term year) can count as part of induction, irrespective of whether the employment/engagement is full-time or part-time. A supply teacher, on a contract of one term or more, should be treated in the same way as a permanent employee by the headteacher for the purposes of induction, ie. they should receive a reduced timetable, NQT Induction Tutor and access to appropriate CPD and support. Please note, the post must also be suitable for an NQT (see section 2.17 Statutory guidance on induction for newly qualified teachers).

What happens after the five-year time limit?

When the five-year limit is reached, a teacher cannot undertake any further supply work (of any duration) in a maintained school, non-maintained special school, maintained nursery school or PRU unless it is a post in which the NQT is employed for a term or more and is able to undertake induction on a full or part-time basis.


Meeting the Teachers’ Standards FAQs

Does the new framework for performance management apply to NQTs?

Teachers undergoing induction are excluded from performance management. However, your records of assessment meetings will be crucial for helping to set your objectives for the year following induction.

What evidence do I need to demonstrate that I am meeting the standards required to pass my induction period?

You should receive and keep copies of lesson observation records and end of term assessments. You and your tutor should also agree and record outcomes of review meetings. You will also have your own lesson plans, materials you have developed for teaching, records of your observations of other teachers and records of any professional development attended. You can use forms A-H available from Cambridgeshire’s online NQT support and induction management system to help with record keeping.

What happens if I am not judged as ‘making satisfactory progress’ in one or more of my termly assessments?

You should discuss how you can improve your performance and agree an action plan with your Induction Tutor and Head teacher. The school should notify the NQT Adviser at Cambridgeshire Appropriate Body as soon as possible so they can provide advice and support as necessary.

What are the implications should I fail to meet the Teachers’ Standards at the end of my induction period?

Should you fail to complete the induction period satisfactorily, you would still hold QTS status but you would no longer be eligible to be employed as a teacher in a maintained school.

Can an NQT who fails induction appeal against the decision?

An NQT can appeal and should notify the Appropriate Body of intention within 20 days, beginning with the date the NQT receives formal notice of the decision. Section four of the statutory guidance on induction for NQTs in England provides more information on the appeals process.

If I fail my induction, can I start again?

No,  you have one chance to complete and pass induction. However, you do have the opportunity to appeal. Should you wish to do so, you must notify your Appropriate Body, in writing, within 20 working days of the decision being made.

I have failed my induction, am I allowed to teach?

If you have failed induction and decided not to appeal the decision or you have appealed but the appeal is disallowed, your name will appear on the list of teachers who have failed satisfactorily to complete an induction period. You will not be able to teach in a maintained school. Although there is no legal requirement for teachers to complete induction in Independent schools, Free schools, academies and FE institutions, most do expect teachers to have passed induction.


Extensions, reductions and exemptions FAQs

Can an induction period be reduced?

In accordance with the statutory guidance document: ‘Induction for newly qualified teachers (England)’, Appropriate Bodies have discretion to reduce the length of the induction period to a minimum of one term (in recognition of significant teacher experience). Please contact Cambridgeshire LA’s Appropriate Body if you wish to enquire about a reduction.

Can an induction period be extended?

It is rare that an extension is agreed. This should be considered carefully and an application must be made by the school to the Appropriate Body. Circumstances when this might happen include:

  • Personal crises, illness, disability
  • Issues around support during induction
  • Lack of evidence required in order that the AB can make an informed decision
  • An extension is automatic when an NQT has been absent for a total of 30 days or more (with the exception of statutory maternity leave)

Do I need to undertake induction if I am an overseas trained teacher (OTT)?

Usually, yes. OTTs are just like other NQTs. However, you do not have to if:

  • You are an overseas-trained teacher (from outside the EEA) with at least two years’ experience, who has obtained QTS and who has been assessed against the relevant standards for the purposes of induction
  • You are an EEA citizen. In this case you are usually exempt from the induction year
  • You are a qualified teacher in Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the USA

Can I teach with QTLS?

A person with QTLS status and membership of the IfL (Institute for learning) are automatically recognised as a qualified teacher in schools. A certificate from the IfL is necessary evidence. Schools can contact the IfL to check whether an individual holds QTLS status. QTLS holders, as is the case for QTS holders, are allowed to teach both curriculum and non-curriculum subjects in schools and across the breadth of school ages. It will be for schools to decide whether a teacher with QTLS is suited for a post and to teach a particular subject. QTLS holders are exempt from serving statutory induction as they have already completed a period of teaching and professional formation, verified by the IfL, which bridges the gap between initial teacher training and employment as a practising teacher.


Absences, maternity and paternity leave FAQs

Will my induction be extended if I have been absent?

The induction period is automatically extended prior to completion when an NQT’s absences during the entire induction period total 30 days or more. In these circumstances the induction period must be extended by the aggregate total of days absent, for example if the NQT is absent for a total of 35 days, the induction period is extended by 35 days. Please note that when the NQT works part-time, only absences that fall when the NQT is contracted to work should be counted. In the case of NQTs being absent from school due to paternity leave or jury service the absence rule would still apply in these situations.


NQT Adviser

Rachel Minett