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Key questions

  • Has an Appropriate Body been notified that you have started your induction?
  • Are you receiving a reduced timetable?
  • Have you been assigned an Induction Tutor?
  • Have you discussed your areas for development identified at the
    end of your initial teacher training with, and made it available to,
    your Induction Tutor?
  • Have you familiarised yourself with the Teachers’ Standards?
  • Do you have the details for the ‘NQT Named Contact’? Please see
    page 7 of the induction guidance booklet.
  • Have you and your Induction Tutor planned an individualised and
    structured induction support programme?
  • Have regular meetings with your Induction Tutor been set up?
  • Has your Induction Tutor set up a programme of assessment,
    observations and feedback/progress reviews?
  • If you are undertaking your induction part-time, have you
    established how long your induction support programme will be?

Contact- NQT Adviser  Rachel Minett rachel.minett@cambridgeshire.gov.uk