How Volunteering in a Classroom Can Help Your Teaching Career

ClassroomAre you interested in pursuing a career in teaching, but unsure how to go about it? If so, you are not alone. At Teach in Cambs, we offer guidance to those who are looking for teaching jobs in Cambridgeshire, including ways to train to be a teacher.

One of the best pieces of advice that we can give to those looking to enter the profession is to gain valuable experience by volunteering in the classroom. Contact your local school and ask about volunteering opportunities – perhaps to help with a particular curriculum subject or an extra-curricular activity, or to act as a classroom assistant.

So, how can volunteering help you pursue a career in education?


Teacher training institutions and the schools to which you will later be applying for jobs are looking for a sense that you are (a) committed to being a teacher and (b) have some understanding of what the role entails. Your experience volunteering in schools will also allow you to be sure of these for yourself before embarking on a year’s training course.

When hiring a new teacher, the school wants to know that they are employing a trustworthy and dedicated individual. After all, you will be responsible for your pupils’ education so you need to show that you are not a person who will walk away as soon as things become challenging.

Volunteering does mean that you probably won’t be getting paid for your time, but the hours that you spend in the classroom now will be invaluable further down the road in your new career as a teacher.


All schools will require two references with any application. If you have no relevant experience, then you are unlikely to have any relevant references from others in the education sector, hampering your chances of landing a teaching job in Cambridgeshire.

By volunteering and working in schools, you will soon start to build up a rapport with members of staff who, when it comes to applying for a position of your own, can be asked to act as your referee. As long as you make a good impression, the time you spent volunteering will stand you in good stead when it comes to landing a position of your own.

By volunteering in local schools and gaining relevant experience, you can submit a strong application for teaching jobs in Cambridgeshire. For more information on how Teach in Cambs can assist as you pursue your new career, please send a message to our team via our contact page today.