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Due to increased numbers at our beautiful home from home nursery we are now looking to recruit a qualified Childcare Practitioner with a minimum NVQ Level 2 in Childcare. You must be a good communicator both written and verbal, be self motivated and a team player. You must have an excellent knowledge of the Early Years Framework, planning, tracking, the key worker systems and completing learning journeys.

Hours of work would be between 730-1800.

Pension scheme in place.

You will have worked in a Childcare setting for at least 1 year and have a minimum L2 in Childcare or equivalent.

An interview will be held which could then lead to a trial session.

Please note we do check all references and apply for an enhanced DBS check.

Purpose of the job: To work as a key person and as part of the childcare team under the direction of the childcare manager to provide safe, high quality education and care for children meeting their individual needs.

Key Responsibilities

  • To be trained in the role of a Childcare Practitioner.
  • To contribute in providing a high standard of physical, emotional, social and intellectual care for children placed in the nursery.
  • To assist with the planning of the curriculum following the EYFS as guidance.
  • To give support to other personnel in the Nursery.
  • To implement the daily routine in the room.
  • To work together as a team supporting each other for the benefit of the children.
  • Liaise with Parent’s and Carer’s sharing information about their child’s development.
  • Where required attend College and complete assignments on time.


1 Operational Responsibilities

  • With your staff team, deliver a programme of exciting play opportunities and activities suitable to the age range and developmental needs of the children in your room which will motivate their learning and integration within the nursery.
  • To ensure that a caring and stimulating environment is provided for children that takes into account individual developmental needs and enables children to reach their full potential
  • Keep well-informed of legislation, guidelines and policies to ensure the Children’s Act and the Early Years Foundation Stage Welfare Requirements are met at all times.
  • Support all staff and engage in the development of a strong, knowledgeable staff team.
  • To be flexible within working practices of nursery. Be prepared to help where needed, including to undertake certain domestic jobs within the nursery, e.g. preparation of snack, meals, cleansing of equipment, etc.
  • Work alongside the manager and staff team to ensure that the philosophy behind the nursery is fulfilled.
  • Ensure children are collected by someone known to the nursery.
  • To ensure compliance with legislative requirements at all times.
  • To ensure that the nursery conforms to and exceeds the requirements of Ofsted.
  • To ensure that the nursery consistently meets the requirements set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage to a minimum good standard.  
  • To uphold and ensure a high standard of care in the nursery.
  • To help and support students/volunteers on placement.
  • To implement and maintain the company’s Equality policy ensuring that children, parents and the staff team are valued and practice is positive and non-discriminatory.  
  • To monitor any safeguarding issues following nursery and local authority procedures.
  • To give daily feedback to the Manager about the nursery including any complaints received or any situation that may be detrimental to the company.
  • Prepare the nursery for Ofsted inspections and action any recommendations made by the inspector ensuring a minimum ‘Good’ grade is awarded.

2 Individual Accountability

  • Once you have been trained on the EYFS, support the staff team by completing observations and begin to link these to the Development Matters Framework.
  • After your settling in period and successful observations as determined by your mentor, you will be required to keep an accurate ‘Learning Journey’ file on your key children, for parents to look at and comment in, sharing with them termly.
  • Work with parents of special needs children to give full integration in the nursery.
  • Liaise with and support parents and other family members.
  • To be involved in out of working hour’s activities, e.g. training, monthly staff meetings, Christmas party, etc.
  • Record accidents on accident forms and follow Safeguarding procedures in recording all accidents and incidents. Ensure the manager has signed the report before the parent receives it.
  • Look upon the nursery as a “whole”; be constantly aware of the needs of children and the setting.
  • To respect the confidentiality of information received.  
  • To develop your role within the team especially with regard as a key person.
  • Ensure preparation and completion of activities to suit the child’s stage of development.
  • To ensure that mealtimes are a time of pleasant socialisation and role modelling of good table manners and sharing.
  • To wash and change the children as required.
  • Provide comfort and warmth to an unwell child.
  • To ensure the provision of a high quality environment to meet the needs of individual children from differing cultures and religious backgrounds, and stages of development.  
  • To be aware of the high profile of the nursery and to uphold its standards at all times.
  • To communicate effectively with all members of staff and be professional at all times.
  • Work within the margins of confidentially respecting information pertaining to children, parents and staff.
  • Manage own time to complete tasks effectively, prioritising workload and delegating tasks where necessary.
  • To contribute and participate in the development of new ideas.
  • To keep up to date on all current childcare issues.  
  • To ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children, ensuring that their needs are met.  
  • To make recommendations for the future development and long term vision of the nursery.

3 Personnel

  • To ensure children to staff ratios are maintained.  
  • To support all new staff members during their staff induction period.
  • Maintain accurate and up to date personnel records for key children within the nursery.
  • To fully take part in the staff supervision termly.
  • Identify and deal with poor performance with agreed action plans with individual, clear targets and goals, realistic timescales and opportunities for constructive feedback and monitoring, ensuring that all documentation is accurate and signed.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships in the staff team, through regular staff meetings, team meetings, training sessions and open honest communication.
  • Provide constructive, honest, feedback to support and encourage all staff.
  • To establish good professional relationships with colleagues working in other nurseries.

4 Finance and Administration

  • To support managers and your staff team, where necessary, in the preparation of reports and collect relevant information as supporting evidence for these reports.
  • To ensure that all supplies are used with due economy.
  • To maintain children’s records to a high standard with due regard to confidentiality.
  • To observe children through play to identify their individual needs and aims by carrying out observations and evaluations of children’s activities.  
  • To maintain personal contact with parents through meetings, parents evenings, open days and informal conversations.
  • To ensure that all parents are fully informed about the nursery and that new parents are welcomed appropriately giving due regard to their concerns and questions.
  • To work with feeder schools to ensure the smooth transition of children to school.

5 Marketing

  • Deliver high quality customer service at all times.
  • To have regard for the parents/prospective parent’s needs and information is communicated clearly and positively.
  • Support the Management team where necessary to effectively market the nursery in the local community utilising local events to promote the nurseries image.

6 Training and Development

  • Be professional, polite and positive in all verbal and non-verbal interactions with staff, parents and children at all times.  
  • Complete an evaluation before and after training, following agreed actions to improve practice.
  • To support trainee staff and that appropriate learning objectives are assessed and evaluated accordingly.
  • To act as an ambassador for the nursery and maintain a positive image of its aims and objectives.
  • To understand that as part of your training/development you will be required to move to all age ranges of the nursery.
  • To attend all in house training as delivered by the Nursery Directors and Senior Management Team.

7 Health & Safety

  • To ensure that the physical environment of the nursery is maintained to comply with the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act.  
  • To ensure that a daily Health & Safety checks are carried out.
  • Be aware of and comply with EHO and COSHH regulations.  
  • To have clear knowledge of procedures to be followed in case of emergency e.g. Fire, and accident, completing and submitting relevant paperwork.
  • To report any repairs or replacement of equipment to the Team leader.
  • To carry out appropriate indoor and outdoor equipment checks, checking the garden before each use.
  • To ensure the nursery is kept clean and hygienic at all times and to carry out cleaning duties throughout the day following the Infection Control Policy.  
  • To carry out regular cleaning of equipment and that it is recorded accurately
  • To ensure that equipment and resources used are of suitable design and condition, well maintained and conform to safety standards and that it is used for the purpose in which it was designed.  

Conditions of Employment

This Job Description is not intended to be a complete inventory of all the activities the jobholder would be expected to undertake. The post holder is required to comply with all the nursery’s policies and procedures and to meet his/her responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act. This Job Description will be subject to review and change in light of future developments. The post holder will be actively involved in the review with the Nursery Manager.

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