GDPR Preparation for your Everyday Working Practices

Wednesday, 3 July 2019
Information Technology (IT)
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St. Ives

The aim of course is to prepare you to handle GDPR in your everyday working practices and ensure you are ready to deal with related procedures such as Data Breaches and Subject Access Requests.

During this session we will help you understand the implications of GDPR in your school; support you to develop your Information Asset Register; teach you to carry out Data Protection Impact Assessments; and review your current GDPR policies.

The Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018 and associated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation has been firmly embedded in the past year.  During our previous GDPR courses we have been able to help schools by de-mystifying procedures and settling the rumour mills about the responsibilities and documentation requirements in schools.

Whilst we are supporting many of you as part of our Managed GDPR Service, with advice, support and resources from trained and experienced consultants, we recommend this course as an excellent opportunity for you or your designated DPO (Data Protection Officer) to feel confident and prepared.  It is designed to make sure you have all the basic knowledge and resources to deal with the instances of GDPR in your everyday working practices.


Delegates will:

  • Receive examples of, and start work on, an Information Asset Register that will meet your schools’ needs.
  • Receive examples of GDPR Policies and be trained to adapt and adopt one to meet your schools’ needs.
  • Review your existing Privacy Notices and identify updates as required. Supporting documentation will be provided.
  • Review your existing ‘Action Plans’
  • Review new principles and rights, along with supporting documentation to ensure that you are complying effectively and appropriately within legislation.
  • Review your current practices with respect to ‘consent’ and ensure that you have all the associated materials you need to implement a robust procedure in your school.
  • Receive advice about processes and procedures to ensure ALL staff in your school are working towards compliance.
  • Benefit from good practice examples documented over this past year or so.

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