FMS Budget Adjustment, Profiling and CFR Mapping

Tuesday, 11 June 2019
Information Technology (IT)
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St. Ives

This session will work across both the General Ledger and Budget Management and will cover:

  • Feedback from the county finance team and how to interpret their instructions
  • Dealing with new funding – anticipated and non-anticipated funding, and the steps that must be taken in both the general ledger and within budget management
  • Budget adjustments, when and how they should be completed
  • Profiles (anticipated expenditure pattern) and the effect on the budget and the financial reports
  • CFR (Consistent Financial Reports) a full explanation. Looking at the report within FMS6 and the CRF report within the BCR and practical mapping of codes to the CFR report within FMS

A discussion covering the facility to look at schools of similar size and structure on the financial benchmarking site.


  • Interpret feedback from County finance team  and carry out their requirements within FMS incorporating: Actuals  and Budget.
  • Appreciate how to deal with  both new funding and unexpected income.
  • Understand the importance of Profiling within FMS and appreciate the effect having the incorrect profile can have on the Budget.
  • Feel comfortable adding |editing profiles.
  • Undertaking CFR mapping as requested by the County Finance team.  Understanding of what the CFR mapping is and how it is linked to ledger codes.

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