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In 2015 a group of Cambridgeshire cross-phase Head Teachers, working with the local authority, came together to offer solutions and recommendations on how to alleviate the recruitment challenges facing Cambridgeshire schools.

Our Mission Statement:

This is an inclusive group which is open to all schools in Cambridgeshire: academy, maintained or free school.  It operates as a  collective, facilitated by the LA Senior Adviser for Curriculum, Teaching and Leadership.

The group's aim is to stimulate and maintain the recruitment and retention of high quality teachers in Cambridgeshire schools.

Challenges faced within schools:

  • Having to use agencies – expensive for a short term solution    
  • Shortage of good quality NQTs  
  • No central website which allows for flexibility for schools to self-promote
  • Growing leadership shortages
  • Affects staff development – harder to challenge under-performing teachers
  • Maths & Science shortages at secondary 
  • Hard to recruit anyone who isn’t an NQT – staffing ends up unbalanced.   

Conclusion: We need to work together as a group of schools across county:

  • We can spread our message wider
  • We have greater bargaining power if we work collectively
  • We can share in the Cambridgeshire brand.